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Small footprint - 
Great performance

REVO DIM-min.png

Whenever space is limited, RevOpod Mini is the perfect solution to decouple your audio gear from unwanted vibrations. Its sleek and compact design allows for an easy integration without compromising performance. 



RevOpod Mini employs a miniaturised pot-bearing that is based on the same ground-breaking approach as its bigger brother - The RevOpod. It was developed by leading researchers from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research in the UK and utilises specially formulated elastomer elements, which are confined in a short cylinder and become significantly more compliant under loading, thereby providing effective vibration isolation. 

Full flexibitlity

Despite its small size, the RevOpod Mini offers vibration control in all six degrees of freedom keeping structure-borne noise away from sensitive equipment.  

Technical specifications


⌀25.5mm, height: 15.0mm


around 16g per damper

Max. Loading

40kg per set of 4

Thread adapters

M3 (included)

M4/M5 (optional)

Black or white


sKETCHING REVOPOD-02-min_edited.jpg
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