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High-performance tweeter

About AirBlade

For around 100 years the dominant technology to reproduce sound has been the dynamic loudspeaker. Its principle is fairly simple, which is why it continues to be used, but it also has major drawbacks electrically, mechanically, and acoustically. To overcome the limitations of the dynamic driver and other technologies, Arya Audio Labs utilises a fundamentally different approach. Rather than using a heavy diaphragm with a separate voice coil, the AirBlade transducer incorporates ultralight foil elements arranged in layers with conductive Aluminium traces directly bonded to them. When an electrical signal is applied, opposite layers of the diaphragm either move towards or away from each other depending on the direction of the current thus moving air and creating sound. By distributing the diaphragm area over several layers and implementing a curved shape, AirBlade avoids the typical beaming problem of traditional drivers while achieving higher power handling, reduced distortion, and better air coupling due to its large diaphragm surface area.

As a result, AirBlade is the world’s only high-frequency loudspeaker with true constant directivity. In the form of AirBlade HYPE add-on it is used to augment even the most opulent high-end audio systems by compensating for their directional behaviour and enhancing their sonic properties.


The AirBlade membrane is based on a modified Air Motion Transformer (AMT) principle where an ultra-light foil, submerged in a strong magnetic field, is moving in a push-pull fashion. This modified AMT features a curved membrane structure that enables the transducer to maintain an essentially identical Frequency Response on-axis and off-axis over a 180° angle, eliminating the sweet-spot issue and delivering a true wide-stage sound reproduction.

Technological tour de force

The AirBlade transducer is a technological masterpiece consisting of more than 150 precision-engineered parts. Its powerful magnet structure drives a diaphragm of merely 3 grams that covers an area of 19,200mm², equivalent to 37 x 1" tweeters!


Technical data

Crossover: 1.0kHz, 1.6kHz, 2.4kHz, 3.5kHz (1st order)

Sensitivity: ca. 96dB (adjustable by up to -12dB in 3dB steps)

Impedance: 4 Ohm (linear, purely resistive)


  • Width: 140mm

  • Height: 115mm (including RevOpod Mini feet)

  • Depth: 240mm (265mm including binding posts)

Weight: 11kg per pair (shipping weight: 12kg per pair)


Built-in adjustable crossover

Each AirBlade HYPE features an adjustable crossover network with high quality Elma rotary switches to enable seamless integration with a wide range of loudspeakers. There is a choice of 4 crossover frequencies and 5 level settings to allow for an effortless tuning of the add-on unit depending on the efficiency and timbre of the main speaker. The timing is adjusted simply by moving the AirBlade HYPE units laterally with regard to the paired loudspeaker system. 

Featuring RevOpod™ Mini

Every AirBlade Hype unit comes equipped with RevOpod Mini footers.
The pot-bearing system employed inside the RevOpod Mini is the ultimate solution to decouple the AirBlade Hype from unwanted vibrations. For more information on RevOpod Minis please visit the accordant page here.

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New Releases coming soon


In 2024 Arya Audio Labs will expand the AirBlade range with several new innovative products. Watch this space for updates.

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