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The Ultimate Interconnection

The Kappa Series represents Arya Audio Labs' effort to create the ultimate interconnection solution. It features our proprietary Kappa Series RCA connector with locking mechanism and contact pins made out of Tellurium copper. This material not only offers high conductivity (320% higher than typical brass contacts) but also exhibits much better mechanical strength than pure copper.

As cable we use purest monocrystalline copper which has remarkable properties. Its conductivity is practically on par with that of silver due to its single crystalline structure which eliminates grain boundary resistance of typical (polycrystalline) cable.

Kappa Series cable detail

Kappa Series Specifications

RCA connector 

Material pin: Tellurium Copper by KME Germany, direct 24k gold-plating (no nickel), Teflon insulation



Conductor material: single crystal Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Copper (UPOCC) Copper purity: >99.99998%

Kappa Series RCA Connector
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